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At Decor By Redesign, we know how the design of your vacation rental is the most important thing to focus on when renting out a space in your home or an entire house. Guest consider many things when deciding on a vacation rental from the theme of the space, the location, the design details, and amenities. Decor By Redesign specializes in every step of the Airbnb design creation, design sourcing, to the design execution - staging, assembling, cleaning, and photography. We will meet your design visions, while providing industry expertise on what guests are looking for in their next vacation home. Airbnb staging is similar to home staging, however, a little different. Let us guide you through the process with our expertise in the industry - let us create the "experience" guest want.


  • We walk through your space  with design ideas.
  • Using our Airbnb “Inventory Checklist” we make sure everything your guests will need is in the space.
  • Tips  and a  shopping list will give you an exact plan of action for creating a beautiful listing.
  • Typical consult and report take approx. 2 hours.

       PRICE: $300 (2 HOUR)


  • An Add-On to the Design Consult, we take the time  finding the pieces for your Airbnb!
  • We work within your budget and using our “Airbnb Inventory Checklist” we find the perfect items to complete the space.
  • You will receive a detailed sourcing plan with shopping links, so you can purchase each item yourself.
  • Use the E-Designer Airbnb mood board as a starting point.
  • We make separate room boards using the “Inventory Checklist” so you always have the most common items.

       PRICE: $450 / PER ROOM OR $ 100 / PER HOUR


  • An Add-On to the Design Sourcing is the Design Complete. We take the E-Design mood boards and shopping list and purchase the items for you (adding in our trade discounts).
  • Once all the items are received, we come into the home and work our magic by placing all the items in the spaces, hanging art, TV’s, etc.

        PRICE: $30% of your furnishings budget or $100 /                  PER HOUR for smaller spaces

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