Decor By Redesign (DBR) offers interior decorating and redesign services in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas for those clients whose homes need a "FRESH" look or a full remodel. If you are tired of your current decor, don't spend thousands of dollars and throw everything out, REDESIGN! Let us rearrange your treasures and create a space that will be cozy and reflect your personality. We can also assist you in purchasing new items to update your decor as well. Sometimes updating pillows and accessories can make such a amazing difference.  Call us today for a free phone consultation whether you are refreshing or remodeling!


We begin with a phone interview, so we can get a feel as to what you want. Then, in an intensive consultation, we use a detailed Decorating Checklist as we walk through your home and discuss design strategies. An Interior Decorating Report will be created to use for the Decorating Day! 


We make transformations using our detailed Decorating Report to arrange your furnishings and accessories. We will make suggestions of accessories to complete the look. We create a space that will be inviting and cozy which will also reflect your personality.

CALL US TODAY at 704.488.1528

We offer interior decorating and redesign services in Charlotte, NC.  We can help with new decorating or redesign using what you have! We will create a new look and save you tons of money! Call us today for a consultation. Don't wait to revitalize your space!

Always start with a mood board. You can create your own board in Pinterest or use my E-Design services.   This way you brainstorm to find out your style, color choices, furniture, accessories, etc.                                                             I start all my design projects with a mood board! 

Interior Decorating, Staging, and E-Design services in Charlotte, NC; Rock Hill, SC; Fort Mill, SC; Indian Land, SC.

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