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Our mission is to create warm spaces and unique places by assisting clients in creating warm, cozy, calm, organized environments that reflect their personality.

Interior Decorating 

We offer interior decorating for an entire home, several rooms or a simple room refresh - we can handle every detail! We will use our detailed questionnaire to develop a plan for your space which will focus on your style and needs and present you with a design plan for you budget.


During the consultation, we will walk through the home taking notes and develop a plan for your space and leave you with a to do list. Then we will schedule the "staging" day. Based on your needs we will come in for either a half day or a full day and create a picture perfect home. 

Interior Redesign

Using items the client all ready has, we will create a warm inviting space you can relax and enjoy! During the consultation, we will develop a plan for your space and go through your home looking at items you have that we may repurpose in other rooms as well as suggest items to purchase to complete the look. 


We offer E-Design services so  you can see your exact room in 2D or 3D with shopping links. We know you are busy, so let us create a design for you. You will get ideas sent to your email and collaborate with the designer over email or phone. Shop all the pieces directly from your design board.

Color Consultant

As color consultants, we use a 6-Step Process while in your home and outline the colors the home needs in the space to make it a Color Perfect Home™. Over half of paint sales are from clients who have made the same mistake, they picked out the paint without a specialist, and without using the 6-step process, so the result was costly. Don't make the same mistake. We can save you time and money! Let us create a beautiful place to relax and enjoy!

White walls photograph well, but are not good for some spaces, especially spaces without natural light. If choosing white walls, make sure you choose the right undertone. White walls can look great if you make the right choices! Call us for our expert advice, and the results will be fabulous!


Discovery Call 

Schedule a free discovery call with us today! During the 30 minute call, we will complete a detailed questionnaire to learn more about you and your project. 

In-Home Consultation 

The in-home consultation will last about 2 hours. We will walk through your home and develop a plan for your design, as a result, we will leave you with a detailed plan of action. 

Design Day

Book the Design Day! If you need a minor room refresh, this will only take a day. For full home decorating, remodel, or renovation, we will book the time based on your schedule. 

Style Your Home

Contact us today to set up a FREE discovery call!

A Charlotte, North Carolina home decorating, staging, and E-Design company.

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